Martial Arts
Starter Kit

Give the gift of martial arts… to yourself or someone special in your life
What do you get?
Why are we offering this?
  • For those a little curious about martial arts and wondering what they are missing, we are bringing back our most popular special to help kickstart your pursuit.  Or help a friend pursue their dream and give them the gift of martial arts.
  •  With The Martial Arts Starter Kit, you are on your way to the best version of you….with the self-defense authority, the Martial Way.
  • You have it in you….all you have to bring is the courage to give it a try.
If you don’t start now, you never will!
  • We’re offering only a limited number of starter kits, so act now!
  • See why everyone is excited about the martial arts starter kit….at the Martial Way.
  • Don’t miss out! Start your path to a better self today!
Just 2 simple steps and we’ll take care of everything else:
Martial Arts Starter Kit - Self or Dependent

Select this starter kit for you or for your dependents (your children). This plan allows you to provide the kit and monthly membership to those you love.

*Purchasing this starter kit will charge $50 for your first month then start an autopay account on this card for $100 a month (our standard plan).

Free for 31 days, then $100.00 every 31 days until cancelled
Martial Arts Starter Kit - Gift for a Friend

Select this starter kit for a friend. This plan allows you to provide just the kit to a friend or loved one.

*Purchasing this starter kit will only charge $50 for the first month. After that your friend or loved one will have to set up their own monthly membership later.