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Many of us are looking for a better way – to maximize our potential, improve our physical fitness, our mental and emotional strength.  Many of us would also like to have the self-confidence and the ability to protect ourselves and our families as peaceful people in a sometimes threatening world.
If you are interested in learning martial arts and self-defense, while developing to your full potential in a fun and positive environment, the Martial Way could be for you.

Reach your fitness goals through Martial Arts.

A fun and friendly training environment.

Our passion is helping you along the path of Aikido, Aikijutsu and self-defense.

With the Martial Way, you will learn practical self-defense using the principles of Aikido as the foundation and incorporating the real-world application of Aikijutsu.  Aikido is a Japanese martial art that uses a person’s weight, energy and momentum – along with take-downs, joint locks and pins – to neutralize the attack, and disarm and control the attacker.  Aikijutsu is also a Japanese martial art and part of the family of jujutsu.  It is a close combat self-defense system and includes strikes, throws, holds, and paralyzing counter attacks against an enemy.  Our dojo brings the best of both worlds – the flow of Aikido and the crash of Aikijutsu.  We combine the tradition and culture of an established martial art with contemporary situations and attacks of today to provide you with a fun and effective way to become more confident and self-assured.

Aikijutsu and Aikido are not just self-defense systems. They are true martial arts.  While you are learning techniques and methods to counter an opponent’s attack, you are also developing self-awareness, mental and physical fitness, and confidence during periods of stress and intensity when they are most needed.  It is healthy exercise and terrific training for adults and children 8 and up, and for families and individuals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Excellent school for learning self defense. Great teachers who truly work with the students and care about those in their class. You will learn a lot from these good people.
I have been a student and follower of Sam Carney over 20 years. Experienced, knowledgeable, caring.
Its been a little over a year my 12yo son began Aikido and he still enjoys it. He is able to stretch more easily and overall has a better sense of self awareness. The teachers are amazing and engaging. I highly recommend it.


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