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Like water, you can crash or you can flow.  It is ultimately your choice.  It is the Martial Way.

The Martial Way

We are training in a martial art for the purposes of practical, modern real-world self-defense.


We are also training for self-fulfillment and working to achieve our fullest potential as human beings. This is not just self-defense technique. This is a path, a journey, and ultimately a long-term decision and commitment which move your life in a positive direction or personal power and life balance.
The WAY stands for the Warrior of Aikido in You.


We are martial artists. We practice self-defense, self-protection. We do not have an offensive focus but it is not passive either. We focus on anticipating, positioning and countering. A warrior learns a discipline and forges the body, mind and spirit. As warriors, we are a family, tribe, a clan – and we work to help each other, look out for each out and help each other on that path.


literally means the way of harmonizing with energy. Your mind, body and spirit need to work together and that takes time and practice to develop. Aikido can be a powerful self-defense system but since it is also a “way” there is a connection to something more. Like water, we teach the ability to both crash and flow as the situation requires. While there are specific techniques and practices, the intent over time is to be formless and adapt based on what is happening in the moment. Aikido also inspires love of our fellow human being and our goal is to neutralize and control without permanent harm.


This is all about you and your journey of self-discovery, growth and enlightenment. We help our fellow warriors reach for more and become their best selves.
You are the falling pebble in the pond, which is a symbol of motion in stillness and stillness in motion. The pebble is in motion yet it is still and not flailing. The pond is still yet is has tremendous kinetic energy and is ready to explode with motion upon the contact of the pebble. The Martial Way is the path to this development.

Class Schedule

TBD5:30pm kids open (all belt levels)

5:30pm kids open (all belt levels)

5:30pm kids open (all belt levels)

5:30pm kids open (all belt levels)

9:00am adult open (all belt levels)

TBD7:00pm adult open (all belt levels)

7:30pm adult open (all belt levels)

7:00pm adult open (all belt levels)

7:00pm adult open (all belt levels)

12:00 noon kids open (all belt levels)
8:15pm adult open (all belt levels)
1:30pm kids

3:00pm adult open (all belt levels)