Adult Classes

Class Schedule

* See legend at bottom of schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Yoga 6:30pm (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
9:00am Adult Basics (1hr)
8pm Adult Open Class (1hr)
7:00pm Adult Advanced (1.5hrs)
7:30pm Adult Class (1.5hrs)
7pm Adult Weapons (1hr)
7:00pm Adult Class (1.5hrs)
10:15am Adult Open Class (1.5hrs)
8:45pm Adult Open Class (1.5hrs)
8:15pm Adult Open & Tactics Class (1.5hrs)
12pm Kids Basics (1hr)
1:30pm Kids Advanced (1hr)
3pm Adult Advanced (1.5hrs)

*Open Class: All belt levels welcome.

*Basics Classes: All Belt Levels Welcome

* Adult advanced: Brown Belt and up

* Kids Advanced: Blue Belt and up.

* Kids Basics: White belt to Green Belt

Some of the skills Aikido can teach us:

Correct posture

in everything we do

Purposeful and decisive movement

emanating from the center, power of unified body movement sinking, turning, expanding

Awareness and connection

awareness of your environment and surroundings, connection with the attacker, their intentions, actions and body movement, respect for the attack and attacker before, during and after confrontation

Positive mind

The Secret, law of attraction – we attract what we believe. Thoughts and feelings have consequences and create things. Your effectiveness in everything you do is impacted by your attitude and emotional approach.

Monthly dues gives you access to all classes a student is eligible for (based on current belt level.)

Here at the Martial Way dojo we want you to learn.
We offer a variety of special discounts, including a reduced rate for every active family member.

With The Martial Way there are NO contracts. Sign up to learn with no long term commitment.