Facing the Giants. Are you giving your absolute very best?

Facing the Giants is not a blockbuster movie but has had some of its scenes go viral – especially this scene which is known as the death crawl scene.  This high school team is struggling with its identity and confidence, and when the leader of the team doubts their chances of beating their top performing rivals, the coach challenges him to do his absolute very best.  In a training drill called the death crawl, he shows them all what doing your very best really means, and when you do it, amazing things are possible.  It’s hard not to watch this scene over and over.  At the Martial Way, we are taking a journey to be and to do our very best, and we ask ourselves what that really means.  We are not just learning self-defense techniques here, we are developing to be the best of ourselves and find a better way.  I know you will feel challenged and inspired after watching this video, and then ask yourself if you are giving your very best.  When you do, you will be amazed at what you are able to accomplish – it will be inspirational.  Martial arts taps into this passion and life journey toward self-confidence, leadership and growth.  “Are YOU giving your very best?”