Kids Need Self Defense

Kids Can Learn:

Monthly dues gives you access to all classes a student is eligible for (based on current belt level.)

Here at the Martial Way dojo we want you to learn.
We offer a variety of special discounts, including a reduced rate for every active family member.

With The Martial Way there are NO contracts. Sign up to learn with no long term commitment.

Class Schedule

* See legend at bottom of schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Yoga 6:30pm (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
5:30pm Kids Open Class (1hr)
9:00am Adult Basics (1hr)
8pm Adult Open Class (1hr)
7:00pm Adult Advanced (1.5hrs)
7:30pm Adult Class (1.5hrs)
7pm Adult Weapons (1hr)
7:00pm Adult Class (1.5hrs)
10:15am Adult Open Class (1.5hrs)
8:45pm Adult Open Class (1.5hrs)
8:15pm Adult Open & Tactics Class (1.5hrs)
12pm Kids Basics (1hr)
1:30pm Kids Advanced (1hr)
3pm Adult Advanced (1.5hrs)

*Open Class: All belt levels welcome.

*Basics Classes: All Belt Levels Welcome

* Adult advanced: Brown Belt and up

* Kids Advanced: Blue Belt and up.

* Kids Basics: White belt to Green Belt