More Training Opportunities For Students

We are energized at the Martial Way, and we are thinking more and more about how to optimize your training and your experience at the dojo.  To that end, we are pleased to announce a new change to the class schedule which we believe delivers on that commitment to you.

As you know, we have had beginner, intermediate and advanced classes with some limitations on who could attend each.  Kindly see the revised schedule below.  Effective immediately, nearly all classes are now open classes.  This means these classes are “open” to students of all belt levels.  Within each class, our very experienced instructors will ensure that students at each level will get the appropriate training, focusing on safety, learning, challenge, fun and excitement, and tailoring a training experience right for each student.  Adults and kids classes are still separate, of course.

We will keep our adult advanced classes on Tuesdays 7pm with Sensei Dave and Saturdays 3pm with Sensei Sam.  These classes allow us to continue to challenge and train our experienced students and instructors, helping them achieve their next levels and bring you the very best the school has to offer.  For the same reason, we are keeping our kids advanced class on Saturdays 1:30pm with Senseis Crystal and Adam.  Third kyu (brown belt) and up are eligible to participate in the adult advanced classes.  Sixth kyu (blue belt) and up are eligible to participate in the kids advanced classes.

We all need to practice our basics, and to ensure we stay sharp with our core techniques, we have adult basics on Saturdays 9am and kids basics on Saturdays 12pm with Sensei Sam.  While the focus of the class is our foundational techniques, all belt levels can and should attend whenever possible.

This nearly doubles the number of classes kids can attend and also increases the number of classes that adults can attend, providing everyone with more access to top quality martial arts training, with flexibility for our work and family schedules.

Come in and see what’s it’s all about!  Thanks!

Sensei Dave, Co-Owner and 4th Degree Black Belt(Yondon)